About Us

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Who we are

We are a multicultural team of people from around the world who are passionate about cars, driving and racing. 

Our moto is “Safety First” and we strive to keep everyone safe on both the track and the road.

That is why we created GetPirelli.com, in an attempt to educate people about tire quality and safety.

The best tires for any condition

Tire performance is something not many people pay attention too, thinking it’s important only for motor sports and extreme conditions.

But here at GetPirelli, we think that you deserve to have the best quality tires whether you’re driving a simple car or a sports vehicle.

Pirelli tires offer:

  • The freedom to travel with ease and safety
  • Maximum safety and grip
  • Savings
  • Better grip on wet surfaces
  • Practicality for all conditions
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pirelli racing tyres

Our Products

We have used and tested a plethora of tires over the years, compiling a list of what we think are the best, most economical, and safest tires out there.

On our Product Catalog you can find a comprehensive list of our top picks with detailed explanations on their performance and why you should choose them.

We offer tyres for all seasons and conditions.